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Working in partnership to find you the correct applicants

Grafters’ Pledge To You

  • To think of ourselves as a provider of solutions, rather than of services
  • To ensure we maintain our position as an industry leader
  • To ensure we maintain a close bond and build on our partnership every day
  • To create common goals at the start of the relationship, and to promote open communication across the business
  • To listen, respect and share information, promoting an ‘open forum’

What You Can Expect When You Partner With Grafters

  • A strong client focus with customer centric service delivery flexible, scalable and responsive recruitment services
  • Value for money
  • A culture that combines commercialism with ethics fairness and transparency in all we do
  • We invest in our people and devote time to career development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Shared demand management process
  • Commitment to research and market intelligence

What Grafters Would Need From You

  • Commitment and an equal working relationship
  • Mutual respect and courtesy
  • Embrace change and explore new ideas
  • Collaborate and communicate
  • Fulfill contractual obligations and conditions




“Grafters are friendly, efficient and professional.  We would recommend them for all your recruitment requirements.  They are able to short list to our exact specifications.”

Sue Barton,
Office Manager Beer Seller